Why Kernboom?
Abundance of skill, a legacy of analog games and mods, a passion for expression, a broad cultural education - and an empty refrigerator, - pursuaded me to stop messing about and plant the Kernboom seed to go the international type of boom with. I want to be able to keep making mods and maps while developing the games I've always wanted to make.


Why should I support you?

As you can tell, I'm a creator, and I want to keep creating things for others. I want to get around doing it, and have my heart set on some games I want to make, one at a time. I'd like to be able to focus on these games and the growth of this Kernboom, by becoming my Patreon you can help make it grow.


What can I expect from Kernboom?

Like my previous projects, I promise uncompromising expression, relentless creativity, intriguing gameplay and transparent marketing the likes of: "Will there be multiplayer? - No." With Kernboom I intend to sprout like a tree, withstand the tests of endurance, and to stand tall for a very long time. My interest in cultural anthropology and history of activism shape the path for my research in the realm of expression and its influences.


What is Kernboom currently doing?

I'm currently fine-tuning my mods, designing tabletop maps and recording as of yet unreleased videos, while working on the pre-production of an unannounced game that I plan to announce in the first quarter of 2018.


Who is Kernboom?

Kernboom is Kris Verwimp.
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