Games, Kids and Society
Society has been accusing games of negatively influencing our youth. What are the facts? Do the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones?

In this presentation I shed light on the science and history of play, and compare them to the toys of our modern era.  As parents and teachers are struggling with the dominant force of entertainment, I will present the opportunities in career, cognitive ability, social skills and consumer awareness that might allow for a different perspective.

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The Future of Science through Games
What if millions of players, playfully invent new methods and technologies?


What if we could use the buildings designed in SoftwareInc, or the rockets designed in Kerbal Space Program? What if children learned, and scientists researched, through the medium of play?


In this presentation I will present the possibilities, the educational systems that are pioneering this approach, and what the future may be through the combination of science and games.

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Hosting Events
With my history of theatre and music, being on stage comes natural to me.


Along the years I've presented myself and others for thousands of viewers at dozens of places. My attitude allows for a charismatic presence, wherein I'm quick to respond to witty comments by the crowd, while applying the methodology of questionnaires with elegant care during interviews with guests.


Furthermore I pledge to apply the correct pronunciations of guests, products and sponsors, and to wear a t-shirt that resonates with the theme of the event.

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Commentary and Competition Events
Whereas most hosts rap fast and vocalize what the viewer sees happening, I find myself carefully balancing the dimensions involved between the viewer, the commenter, and what happens on-screen.


My biggest asset lies with my understanding of the actions initiated and the direct and indirect results. I'm experienced in DOTA2, StarCraft 2, PU:BG and CounterStrike: Global Offensive, though I believe my understanding of strategy would make for interesting commentary regardless of the premise.


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Event Management

Having been the floor-manager for a cultural establishment which hosted many large organizations, I have acquired the appropriate title of Chaos Pilot. 'The one that steers the chaos into the right direction'. I'm told this title is of Scandinavian origin.


My problem solving approach and insight in logistics have proven to be favorable attributes during the management of events, and the network I have established within this industry has been extremely practical during those last minute difficulties that every event runs in to.


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Competitive Team Management
During my thorough analysis of the classic essays on war: The Art of War and De Re Militari, I have made numerous annotations, was inspired to build new concepts on top of existing concepts and started the process of perfecting a tab that will allow for a clear oversight of the formula's and methodology used. I have explored other titles, but am convinced these epic works are undefeated as of yet.


Back when professional e-sports consisted of StarCraft 1 making money in Korea, I founded a L4D team (Left 4 Random) using a Steam Group, and together we got to the 6th place on the ESL. I'm experienced in the small team based shooters akin to CS:GO and PU:BG, the battle arena's of LoL and DOTA2, and the resource and non-resource based strategy realms like StarCraft 2 and Total War.


Metastrategy, the strategy of 'which characters/strategies are optimal/viable against which characters/strategies' - from my point of view this definition has mutated to define 'which pro gamer or streamer is currently the most hyped'.


Instead of leaning on what is established as effective by popularity I promise to help explore the approaches that adopt the art of war for what competition really is, the art of war.


I'm a fan of the e-sports and like any fan, I'm not in it for the money, yet I have a clear oversight of the career elements and opportunities, and I will use my networking skills and eagle-eyed view to help the team form their own path.

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